My new painting "Coffee in the autumn forest". Photo with a picture in the forest.

Hi guys! My new painting "Coffee in the autumn forest".

Material: acrylic paints, canvas on a wooden stretcher.

This painting took me longer as there are many small details. It seemed to me that the most difficult thing here would be for me to draw autumn, but no, the hardest thing for me is to draw the hands and the dog. This is what I'm bad at. But I try to paint better every time.

By the way, this is my first dog that I painted with acrylics. Once upon a time I paint a dog with watercolors, but for the first time with acrylic)

Hope I draw better next time. Although I like this dog, he turned out to be cute, so red-haired)

On weekends we went to see my brother, and on the way back we stopped on the side of the road, there are beautiful forests. We went to the forest to take photos. I planned, that's why I took this picture with me when I went to visit. It rained at night, so I was unable to keep my white shoes clean) No matter how I tried to walk neatly, the dirt stuck to my shoes.

But the crossovers are okay. The main thing is that I managed to take a photo.

Work process. Everything is as usual, first a pencil sketch, underpainting, then working with paints, detailing and varnishing the picture)

I was inspired by this photo:

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