My new acrylic painting on canvas: "Photographer on the Hunt".

Hi guys. My new acrylic painting on canvas: "Photographer on the Hunt".

I am sending you the finished work and the drawing process.

material: acrylic, canvas on a wooden stretcher.

Painting process :

(The first is a pencil sketch, the second stage is the underpainting in this art, the underpainting in red, sometimes I draw the underpainting in black.)

The picture is ready:

I draw from this photo:

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Большое спасибо .

30.09.2020 20:05

Ми очікуємо, що Ви почнете писати щоденник 😉

01.10.2020 06:13

Good Job. Awsome.
Could you please tell me how to start drawing. I am interrested in it and would like to learn how to do it.
Berst Regards.

02.10.2020 13:03