Is acrylic paint different from oil paint? Yes! Why I chose acrylic. Pros of acrylic.

Hi guys! I decided to send you a post on Friday without a semantic load)

I just want to make out one topic. I was asked if acrylic paint is different from oil paint.

Yes, acrylic paint is not oil paint. This is a completely different paint. But looking at a painting, if you are not a professional artist, you will not be able to distinguish an oil painting or an acrylic painting.

The writing technique is almost the same; acrylic is a dense, thick paint, like oil paint. But there are differences. I chose acrylic because I see more advantages than painting with oil paints.

So, Acrylic, pros and cons:

- Acrylic paint dries quickly. About 30 minutes and the first layer is already dry.

- Acrylic has no specific smell. You can paint with acrylic all day, and you won't have a headache. Oil paints have a smell, and many artists complain of headaches if they paint a picture for many hours in a row.

- Acrylic does not fade in the sun. You don't need to varnish a picture with acrylic. But I cover to avoid damage from other external factors.

- It is easy to wash acrylic paint from the floor, table, hands, jars where you rinse the brush, and from the brush itself. But if you put paint on the canvas and the paint is dry then it will not wear off. Especially if the painting is varnished.

- Acrylic bright paint. It is very easy to paint a vivid picture.

When working with acrylic, you immediately see the brightness, color rendering, and when working with oil, you also need to take into account the fact that when you cover the picture with varnish it will become brighter, much, well, or if you choose a matte varnish, then it will be dimmer.

I have two types of varnish to cover paintings painted with acrylic: glossy and mat. I always ask what paint to cover the picture with, many like gloss, and many do not like when the picture shines. I like glossy varnish more. But you also need to choose the type of painting. Gloss is not appropriate for all paintings, also matt varnish.

Well, here are the main advantages of acrylic paint.

I love this paint for all these points)

Acrylic paint firms that I like - liquitex

But I also paint pictures with acrylics of another company, such as: Master class, Rosa, Sonnet and others. These paints are also good, they fit well on the canvas, and they are also of high quality. But if we talk about favorite paints, then of course liquitex 

As you can see, there is never a lot of paint. I love new purchases in the art store)

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