I like to be photographed with my paintings.

I like to be photographed with my paintings.

I painted a portrait of a guy from India. He really liked the portrait. I am very glad that he liked it. After all, nothing warms the heart like compliments to the adrus of art. This is why you need to draw.

I paint pictures and portraits by Aryl on canvas (from catonic fabric). Pull the canvas over a wooden stretcher.

I always paint my paintings in a good mood to convey positive feelings, to put love in my paintings.

Sketch. Pencil sketch.

The sketch most likely doesn't look like this. A sketch is drawn on plain paper or a piece of canvas with a simple pencil. After that, a canvas or sheet is taken out onto which the art will be transferred. But I basically start to paint on the finished canvas, without a separate sketch.

I love to start a portrait with the eyes. So that when you photograph the process, the photo looks good. Without the drawn eyes, it will not be beautiful. You can compare my past works, where I started working with the face, and then moved on to the eyes.

I like to leave drawing the eyes for last, because this is the most interesting stage for me, and the longest. But in order for the photos to be beautiful during the process, you need to draw the eyes first.

The portrait is ready. I like. And you?

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"I like to be photographed with my paintings."

It's a great way to add your "signature" to the painting.

Like always, great work @yakubenko!

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