How I love the snowy winter. I like when the city is in the snow.

Hi guys. How I love the snowy winter. I like when the city is in the snow. Such weather, such a view cheers up, the mood becomes somehow fabulous, as if everything around is magical, like in a fairy tale.

Winter is probably my favorite season. It is not hot in winter, but if you want warmth and you can swim in the sea, you can fly to another hot country, for example, Africa. I do not know how it is now in connection with the coronavirus, whether it is possible to fly on vacation, but I think so. Friends of mine posted their photos from the trip on Instagram.

And I would like to go abroad for a week, to a warm country. But then be sure to return to your home country. I love my country, although sometimes it is difficult here, but there is such a proverb: "it's good where we are not." The native country is like home, everything is dear and familiar here.

Now the snow outside the window has already melted, because it has become warmer, I hope that soon the snow will attack again. Because gray weather is not very happy)

All a good, cheerful mood!

I love this beautiful view outside the window. From this view the mood rises, it becomes joyful, cheerful.

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