Hello! Now all the time is spent on creativity, because you need to write a lot of pictures

Hi guys.

Yesterday I started painting a new picture. This is an order, the painting will go to Texas. Unless, of course, I add this picture. I draw a tennis player.

In general, I need to write 4 pictures. I do not know how quickly I will complete this task, but drawing is not enough. In addition, I also want to paint a picture for myself, not just to hang a picture in my house, but just what I want to paint.

I love to draw everything, and what I write to order. but to draw what she chose herself, you can make changes, no one will say anything, that's what I like more.

When you can draw whatever you want, make changes, as they say, express yourself, this is work in a thrill.

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Absolutely stunning photos my friend 🤝

03.10.2020 12:17

many thanks)

03.10.2020 12:27

No problems my friend 🤝

04.10.2020 12:52

Cute <3

03.10.2020 13:00