And here is the third picture that will go to Texas. My new art - Maria Sharapova - Tenisist.

Hi guys! And here is the third picture that will go to Texas. I will collect all 3 pictures and show you. These paintings will find their home in Texas, or rather have already found, it remains only to varnish and send them to the owner.

How nice that my paintings are scattered to different corners of the planet. This is so pleasing to the heart. It means a lot to me that I have achieved something in this life. It's so hard to break through, to create something original.

Someone's new is well forgotten old. Ideas come, but very often you see that someone has already implemented this idea into reality.

My new art - Maria Sharapova - Tenisist. I draw from a photo, this photo is Photoshop.

Material: acrylic, canvas - caton.

Inspiration from this photo, link to inspiration. photoshop:

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