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A little selfie from the trip.

A little selfie from the trip.

I like small trips, of course I also like big ones, but so far there is no way to go somewhere far, so we enjoy nature, a city in the vicinity.

In fact, there are beautiful places around us, it is not necessary to travel three or nine lands to see something beautiful. One has only to look back and see on the map what is beautiful nearby, for example: a waterfall, a quarry, a forest, a river, or something else.

Not far from my house there are waterfalls and there are many of them, of which I know 5 of them. This is not a little, all waterfalls are beautiful in their own way. I have already shown them to you. There is more, there is less, a river decline in water, there is also a stepwise, smooth. Some waterfalls are sold in summer, when the water level is very hot, so the waterfall becomes less or disappears altogether, but this is before heavy rains or when it snows. Then the water is added and the waterfall returns. I think that soon it will be warmer, the earth will dry up and we will go to the waterfalls.

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