A little more of the process of drawing a tennis player.

A little more of the process of drawing a tennis player.

Soon I will show you the finished picture, by the way, I will also be photographed with it. I love taking photos with my paintings. Like with your kids) ahah. True, I still don't have children yet, so I don't know what it is. Well, I can imagine) Or how to take a photo with your cat Eva. lol. True, there are very few ideas for photos. Can you give me an idea how to take a picture with my paintings?)

Drawing process.

She drew a tennis player from a photo. I found a photo on the site. This is Photoshop. The famous tennis player will not be photographed naked) Well, at least I think so.

So, back to creativity. Working on small details, detailing, this is one of my favorite stages in drawing. I love to detail. I love to draw pictures with a lot of small details, it certainly takes more time, but I enjoy it.

I overcame the tennis player a little. I dressed her in a Nike tennis suit. By order, which was made by a man from Texas, you need to see the chest. Therefore, I decided to leave the load ajar and put on the bottom. That would not be too vulgar. Although there is nothing vulgar in art, we can only say that it is light erotica) lol

But as you saw that I had more honest pictures :)

Inspiration from this photo, link to inspiration. photoshop:

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