I love even this process of my work)

Hi Steemit! I love what I do, I even like this process - preparing the picture for dispatch. When I was just starting to write paintings and portraits to order, I had no idea how to send it all by mail. There is no good packaging service even for small picture formats at the post office. Previously, I packed portraits in cardboard and bought frames myself, there was a case when the frame was broken at the post office, it’s good that at least the portrait itself was not damaged. I was not pleased with this situation, and I decided to order tubes. Tubes are of different sizes, for a different format of portraits. I chose durable tubes of different sizes. Now sending portraits is easy and simple, I don’t worry at all that it can be damaged.

With pictures, it’s much more difficult, because you can’t twist a picture on a stretcher into a tube. Therefore, I pack a good picture at home, if this is a big picture then another plus to my packaging is a wooden module.

Below is a video of packing a picture + to this will be a wooden module, which will be done in the mail.

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