Hello! I want to share with you my new picture. I already shared it on Instagram, but if you have not subscribed to me, then you have not seen her yet)

Eagle 🦅

I always wanted to learn how to draw chaotically, but apparently it's not mine, I always try and don't make chaotic strokes. I tried to paint this picture randomly, but still my hand was drawn to tint the grease, so that everything would be smooth)

The process) But I didn’t take the photo from the very beginning of the process, usually I always make underpainings with a pencil, even when I draw something simple, I always mark on canvas with a pencil.

When I painted this picture, or rather I started to paint it was evening, and there was not very good lighting for the photographs. So I took a photo of the process the next day. By the way, there is still a short video of the process. But you probably won’t see them)

Well, where do without me)

The picture is ready

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Very stylish :)

24.04.2020 06:45

many thanks ;)

24.04.2020 06:49

Well, maybe you should keep trying. I think your hand hand and your brain is not yet accustomed to drawing chaotically. More practice will allow for flexibility.

This is a very beautiful work of a mighty eagle. Do you have an online site where you sell your works?

24.04.2020 06:47

that’s why I don’t know how to draw with a pen
Unfortunately I do not have these sites)
what sites are there?

24.04.2020 06:55

Likewise me. I don't have any site but I know of a site a friend often display her works for sale - it is called "marketplace."

24.04.2020 07:00

ok) thank you

25.04.2020 06:29

WoW! That`s really Nice.Keep it up!

24.04.2020 10:32

many thanks!)

25.04.2020 06:30

Awesome, really love your eagle!!! Greetings!!!

24.04.2020 16:26

I am very glad that you like it)thanks!

25.04.2020 06:30

Wonderful! @yakubenko, Thank you for sharing! I, too, love the Eagle! Be well.

24.04.2020 16:54

very pleased to hear)

25.04.2020 06:31

Upvoted and Resteemed. Https://Smoke.io

Do you ever paint on Canvas (hemp/cannabis) ?

”Stayay Powered up and become a Smokin hot whale....”


24.04.2020 17:11

there is no canvas) here on the sheet watercolor hemp was)

25.04.2020 06:40

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