The dairy game season 3: How I spent my day, Friday 26-03-2021 //By @yakspeace

Hello lovelies.

I welcome you all to another episode of my dairy game on how I spent my day. below is how I spent my day.

I woke up by 6:00am and said my prayers after which I took my bath and went straight to the class, today the weather was so cool.

My lecture starts by 7am and ended by 4pm today the lectures were not that stressful because there was a free space interval before we continued with the next lecture, that is to say we were free for about two hours which lasted from 12pm to 2pm before we started the last class for the day.

During that free period I went out to the place where they do sell some bounce at the front of my department and I decided to help myself with some bounce and zobo drink .



Eating and drinking

After that we waited for the remaining lectures which will start by 2pm and end by 4pm.but unfortunately for us the lecture did not hold. and the reason was because the HOD was busy that's why he was not able to make it, but he told our course representative that we should wait for him that he have something for us.

After the announcement every body was scared thinking he will give us (short gun😁) that is test to write but luckily for us around 3:30pm he came in with a catorn of wine and handed it over to our course representative and he said that is the gift I have for you guys and sorry I couldn't make it for the lectures.


That's our HOD living the class after he handed over the gift.

Everyone was so happy and excited, some were jumping clapping and snapping selfie with there phone.



I came back home it was already 4pm and I prepare some noodles after which I took my bath and eat, then i rested for an hour. And by 6:30pm I decided to go back to the school and read my books.


I left the class 9:30pm.
Thank you for reading through my post, good night.

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