The dairy game season 3//At the school farm// Friday 23/04/2021//by @yakspeace

Happy weekend my people,
I welcome you all to another episode of my dairy game at the school farm.

I woke up early today by 5am I was still lying down on my bed doing nothing, around 6am then I went for the general morning devotion in my hostel after the devotion I went back to my room and carried my bucket then I went straight to the tap to fetch some water. After that I brush my teeth and took my bath, it was 7:30am when I finished then I went straight to the class to read before going to the farm.

My selfie at the school farm

I went to the school farm around 8am and our instructor came around 8:30am. At the farm our instructor ask everyone to bring four sticks each which he will use to demacate a possion of land for everyone.

At the school farm, everyone was busy looking for sticks.


Myself arranging my sticks to submit to the instruction


After getting the sticks we submitted to our instructors, it was 10:30am when we finished from the farm then I went back to the hostel and took my bath. After which I ate rice at the school cafeteria.


It was 12pm when I finished eating then I decided to go to the software lab to do a little work on my project, I spent two hours at the lap then I came back to the hostel to rest.

I slept and woke up around 4pm then I took my bath after which I ate then I went to the class for my daily reading.

I left the Around 9am and I went back to the hostel to prepare for our choir rehearsal vigil which will start by 10pm. Presently I'm on my way to the church for the vigil.


Good night Steamians, and do have a lovely night rest

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Nice work, your school farm is very big .

26.04.2021 21:46

Yes dear, thanks for checking my post

28.04.2021 06:53