The dairy game// at the school farm, and NYSC seminar// Friday 30-04-2021// by @yakspeace

Hello steemians

I hope you all had a great day as for me my day was stressful but all glory be to God. Today I'm going to present to you another episode of my dairy game.

Today my day began at 6am in the morning, I said my meditation after that I took my bath and went to the class to read.


I left the class around 8am then I went to the school farm for my practical work.

The school farm

Today everyone was given a portion of land and we were all ask to make ridges, after making the ridges our instructor now ask us to go and collect Manure From the poultry office and apply it to the farm. when we were done with our work from the farm our instructor came back and inspected everyone work and he graded us.

Myself doing making my ridges

Myself applying Manure to my portion of farm



I left the farm around 10:30am then I went straight to the hostel and took my bath after that I went a bought chin chin and bounce which I ate before going to the seminar ground.
Today the school organized NYSC seminar for all the final year student and the seminar started by 11am.



During the seminar we were thought about the rules and regulations of NYSC, how we will do our NYSC registration and all the requirements we need before going for NYSC, it was an interactive session students were allowed to asked questions and all the questions were welled answered by the NYSC officials.


It was 1pm when the seminar terminated and I went straight to the class to read because I had test to write by 2pm. The test lasted for an hour. After the test we had an hour lecture with the lecturer.
I went back to my hostel it was already 4:30pm then i took my bath and then I prepared something to eat.


It was 5:30pm when I finished eating then I decided to rest.

Good night Steamians.

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Greetings, wow ur day was stressful but ended well we thank God @yakspeace.

You meal looks delicious n yummy too u can really cook well.

30.04.2021 21:36

Thank you darling I really appreciate

01.05.2021 05:35