Tips about a goose and why most people hate them

A goose is part of the amphibian family and are known as domestic animals. Because they have many similarities to a duck.
Aside keeping a goose alive there are things you don't know about them


Things to know

They like water alot

They are bigger than a duck mostly in double fold

They act violently like a dog

Their head is their weak spot

They give general signals before attack

Their Bic is the strongest part of their body

The goose is one the most important and has a lot economical importance to individuals and society at large. Almost every one would love to have a goose at home like keeping a peacock but not everyone has the money to buy a goose as they are rear and hard to come by. A goose is hated by a few though because of its violent character in nature and over being protective. If you know the behavior of a dog in his territory then u know how a goose acts . They are scared of no human especially women as they think they feared by all .

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