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**_**Achievement 2 by @yakon20 task: basic security on steem **_**``

After completing achievement one I have been given a new task to talk about basic security on steem.

On this post I will be talking about how to use your your function keys on steemit, especially how to log in and what key to use to log in.

The mistake many people make while trying to log in there steemit account is mistaking the keys and how they supposed to be used, now while trying to log in steemit after the log in page has appeared there are two dialogue to be displayed.

Screenshot log in to steemit wallet

  1. Username with an @ in front of it e.g @yakon20
  2. The password dialogue ,insert the private posting key

Asides the private posting key there are other keys which are dedicated to only one function on steemit and where there are needed.**

Your Tron account

  1. TRON PUBLIC KEY (TRON ADDRESS). Used for transfer. The public key is where u send the token to.
  2. TRON PRIVATE KEY This private key has the highest authority on your TRON account. It is used for signing transactions ofTRON, such as transferring tokens,freezing and voting

Your steemit private key

  1. Private posting key used to log in to steemit account on apps to do social activities , commenting and voting.
  2. Private memo key used to decrypt private transfer memos.
  3. Private active key used for monetary and wallet related actions such as. transferring tokens or powering steem up and down.
  4. Private owner key this key is used to reset all your other keys.
  5. Master password the master password is used to generate the key document that consist of other keys. Do not share this key

Public keys are associated with usernames and are used to encrypt and verify messages.

Thank you for reading .
See you next time
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