Traveling Nepal? – Guide To Finding Right Travel Agency In Nepal

Booking your Vacation in Nepal can some of the time be overwhelming to the point that all you have to do is find a good travel agency in Nepal to walk you through the apparently overwhelming procedure. They can get you out of furry circumstances, such as liaising with airlines, hotel bookings, and transportation to ensure you the best experience without you scarcely lifting a finger.

Traveling requires investment of time and money. With these critical investments, it is the responsibility of a travel agency to fulfill your travel requirements. A decade back, it was easy to pinpoint best travel agency in Nepal and manage the tours.

How Should You Pick A Right Travel Agency?

That is not as an antiquated question as it might sound.

In spite of the fact that travel agencies aren’t as omnipresent as they were before, around one out of 10 traveler uses them, as per an ongoing report by PhocusWright. A few people essentially don’t have the opportunity to book their very own vacation. Others are scared by complex or group tours making them book their trips through travel agencies. Still others, essentially need some assistance both in the arranging and if something turns out badly. All are authentic motivations to connect and get help. In any case, similarly as butchers, pastry specialists, and candle producers carry out their responsibilities with proficiency, not all travel agency in Nepal are similarly skilled—or similarly clear.

Some travel agency is good, but there are some who are misleading the travelers. To this pool of confusion other niche of agents have evolved, the agency that acts as a mediator between service providers such as hotels, airlines and the customer. Furthermore, sometimes they create a great confusion among the travelers. There might come a point during this entire process that the clients may have to gamble for their tour. If they are lucky they get best travel agency and if unlucky the time and financial investment they have made for a fairy tale vacation will be a disaster.

Here are some tips below for you so that you chose the right and the best travel agency and will get best out of your investment:

1) Ask Friends/Companions

You’ve seen their Nepal vacation photographs on Facebook or Instagram. If they look especially luring, check whether your friend used a travel agency in Nepal and if they had arranged their Nepal tour through a travel agency in Nepal get that agency contact. However, just do this with companions who have similar tastes and spending limitations as yours, or the travel agency you get might expect you need an alternate sort of vacation than you really do. Write the travel agency that your friend referred to you, and ask them for the similar budget and a similar type of Nepal vacation.

2) Do Your Homework

Check the online participation of the travel agency. Go a lot deeper than that by going through their Facebook profile. See if they have any live videos of their past clients posted or not. You will have to thoroughly navigate the feedback of the past clients. You can also check the comments on Trip Advisor. It is obvious there will be some negative comment. Do not get deterred by negative comments. Moreover, read how the travel agency responds to those negative comments.

Are they providing you information regarding the tour or are they only hurrying up to get your tour booked? Best travel agency corresponds patiently. They provide the information about the destination travelers are visiting, guide them before their tour and provide smooth co-ordination during their tours.

Please look for their credentials and policy.

3) Are They Proactive?

If the travel agency answers to your request within 24 hours or prior, you have found the right one. Then, are you being clarified regarding your queries or is there always a drop of doubt in their answers? You should get the straight and transparent answers. As travel is an information sensitive industry, the way to judge your travel partner/travel agency is through the amount of information they are providing regarding the tour you are going to book.

Are they providing right information or are saying yes to everything? Best travel agency always provides honest answer. If you are opting non-feasible option the travel agency must say "It is not possible due to these reasons". Travel agencies should provide you knowledge that even guide books cannot.

4) Does Travel Agency Meets Your Personality?

Some travelers prefer telephone cooperation, while others are comfortable through email or content. It’s significant, to work with a travel agency who matches your travel planning personality. Pushy travel agency will make your days disgraceful with every day follow-up mails. They just want to sell the product and do not consider that mailing every day will lead to confusion and irritation among the travelers.

Best travel agency follows you up once a week. only for reminding that your dates are getting closer or to provide you with different offerings that matches your requirement or to update you the destination information.

5) Are They Transparent?
Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the keys to building the correct connection between you and your trip agency. Moreover, if they are willing and ready to demonstrate to you their PC screen, reveal to you their expenses and charges, and completely take you through the terms and conditions of your booking, you are one bit nearer to requesting their number. Most travel agency in Nepal will change their cancellation policy after you book. Furthermore, they will charge you for some service and say “Sorry, it was not included in the package", frustrating !!!. So ensure you’re mindful of the expenses before you book your tour.

These are some important points you will have to follow-up before deciding who will be your travel partner when you arrive to the foreign destination. The internet has made travel easy, but also beware, there are many who have abused this information highway to drain the financial resources and the main victims are the travelers.

So travelers beware!!!

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