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How We Were Influenced To Take Nepal Vacation?


Hello there. My name is Adam. Me and my wife, Lorene finally had a taste of a paradise.

It was for one full week. This week changed few perspectives our life.

Today I’m going to share with you a couple of details of the Nepal trip that I booked through probably one of the best travel agency in Nepal and must say with a proactive young man.

What Does Paradise Means To Us?

Everybody has their own thoughts of what paradise is, yet our paradise constantly included Himalayas, landscape. Moreover, nature is what we call our paradise- sometime we call it our “Cheerful Spot“.

Indeed, our “paradise” has consistently been a dream of us gazing the views of the Himalayas, the colorful Himalayas when the first rays of sun kisses the mountains, riding a boat in a tranquil, feeling the glow of the sun upon our skin, perusing a decent book, and tasting a tropical beverage containing an adorable umbrella.

To Lorene and me, this would be our paradise.

In addition, no pressure, no stresses, no issues. Just harmony and calm, being unified with nature.

This may be your rendition of heaven, as well. Possibly. Possibly not.

In any case, I wager you adore Himalayas as much as we do. Furthermore, you may also be waiting the right time to get to see these majestic creations of mother nature.

Am I right?

Today I am likewise going to impart to you the numerous reasons why you should take your fantasy get-away… before it’s past the point of no return.

Above all, let me reveal to you somewhat about me… and as mentioned the travel agent who influenced me to take this dream vacation.

How Did This Loccal Travel Agent Influenced Us To Take Nepal Vacation?

I am a savvy internet user. Furthermore, I remember Lorene once said “Let us plan a vacation to Nepal". I quickly searched “Best Nepal tour package". As travel is a very competitive industry, I was overwhelmed by the number of companies providing Nepal tour packages. Normally, we always book our tours from local tour operator, so we had plenty of options.

I ended up sending queries to a couple of local travel operators in Nepal. To my surprise, I got a reply from one travel agent after an hour of my inquiry. The agent had prepared a detailed day-to-day program with lovely pictures and had quoted price, inclusions and the exclusions in PDF file. Wow!! what a lovely program.

However, I was not that fast in replying to him as I was awaiting a quote from other local travel agencies.

The next day, the Nepal vacation quotation started flooding my mailbox, some were okay, some were equally beautiful. However, the quotation was different in every inquiry. I printed out all the programs and quotation that I had received. As Lorene has always been the travel manager, she chooses the best. Yes she does and I trust her on this.

As advised the program from this travel agent stood up from the crowd. Moreover, it was not only the Nepal vacation program, in the first mail he provided us the information regarding upon arrival visa in Nepal. That was much of a relief to us. Yes, you have on arrival visa in Nepal. However, the price was not as competitive as compared to other travel operators.

So after 2 days I replied to the agent, and told honestly that the price was not as competitive and we would only consider if we can get a competitive quotation. As always, the reply was very fast. What kept me scratching my head was, in the the first line agent had written "Service Does Not Have A Price", wow, what a craziest thing to say, to bounce your potential client. However, the mail continued politely.

"Firstly, we do not consider other travel agents as our competitor, further, we do not like to sound like a competitor. Next, we do not compete in terms of pricing, we are here to deliver 5-star service even if you decide to stay in a 2 star hotel. Lowering the price means compromising the service quality that we deliver to you" - Mail from Travel agent

Now, slowly it began to make some sense!!! but I needed something more..

In last line agent wrote:

“Let me ask you a few very straightforward, tough questions about what you are looking for in a supplier, what difficulties you’ve had throughout the years, and afterward we can make sense together whether I truly add value”

Wow!! I have been many countries, exchanged mails with various travel suppliers but have never heard such a question from a travel supplier. Moreover, this question immediately made me presume the quality of this travel agent.

Again, my reply was not as fast as his, I waited for a few days, as I thought he may be desperate and ultimately reduce the price.
However, after 3 days. I received a follow up email saying :

"We are writing a follow up email regarding your upcoming Nepal trip, have you made up your mind. If you are comparing prices there are plenty of travel agents in Nepal who will work for the sake of working. Let us know if you decide to choose another travel partner or if you choose to travel with us, let us know the status of your trip”

Sorry, I forgot to write, agent also asked me to compare the inclusions and exclusions of the program as many travel agents have hidden costs, which you will have to pay after you arrive in Nepal. Yes, agent said it right. Furthermore, In some quotations, monumental entrance fees were not included. In some, guide services were not included. One quotation, stated transfer in a NON A/C car. What does this mean? A NON A/C car for our week long trip? No way..

On the other hand, tour package sent by this agent included everything. So I decided to finalize with him. So I wrote him a confirmation email. Again, like a speed of light agent replied, thanking for confirming the service.

Further, agent wrote:

" We are sorry we cannot reduce the price but will provide you a complementary farewell dinner at an authentic Nepali restaurant”. - Mail From Travel Agent After We confirmed Our Nepal Vacation

So How Was The Service Delivery?

We had confirmed 3- star hotel in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Nagarkot. The accommodation was 3- star, however, the service delivery was 5- star. Further, the managing director with whom we exchanged mails himself was waiting for us in the arrival terminal with beautiful garland. A very well dressed and well spoken, he greeted us and got us into the car. During our drive from airport to hotel, he again asked me “what made you choose us as your travel partner?”.

I replied that your program was nice, you are quick in responding to all our questions, and provided us the great guidance. However, now I think the question he asked me in his second mail made us choose your travel agency:

However to be honers. The line from the mail tempted us to choose this travel agent:

“Let me ask you a few very straightforward, tough questions about what you are looking for in a supplier, what difficulties you’ve had throughout the years, and afterward we can make sense together whether I truly add value”

The guides were knowledgeable, the vehicle was in a very good condition, hotels rooms superb. What more can I say now?

What me and Loren can say is the tour exceed our expectation.

Our thanks to all those who provided us a lofetime experience and made our Nepal trip hassle free.

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