Contest Week # 3: Healthy Infants / Toddlers Contest // 10% community support by @yahnel

hello hello friends of SteemFamily I wish you success and blessings for the whole family today. I will participate in this Healthy Babies / Toddlers Contest proposed by @humaidi Babies are the joy of the home

This beautiful baby is one of the darlings of the house and she grew up a little, her name is miranda, here she is with her paternal great-grandmother, they were in church and when they saw her they all wanted to carry her.

Miranda with her great-grandmother Andrea


Here with her aunts magris and @yahnel and cousin yahn


The other baby in the house is Carlota, she doesn't like to be held but I convinced her with an ice cream that the photo was in church I sat her in a chair to eat her ice cream

Carlota eating ice cream


I discovered ice cream for my great niece Carlota


the one in the photo is another baby in the house my great niece Isabella we were in a shopping center and I went to touch up the makeup that she accompanied me.

My great-niece Isabella had a hard time letting the picture be taken


Take the opportunity to take your photo


For now there are three princesses are the mistresses of the house Rodrigo is on his way who is born next monthI invite @danielysandoval, @yenny2401 and @levisnisi to participate in this contest


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beautiful name miranda,beautiful as her name,thank you for participating in the third week contest,


18.10.2021 13:29

greetings and thanks for accepting my participation

18.10.2021 13:45


18.10.2021 13:50