Contest // Topic of the week №29 // My summer 2021! // 🏖️ ☀️Arenita Playita☀️🏖️ Summer 2021 in Venezuela by: @yahnel


Greetings to this beautiful community of Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) today I want to participate in this contest proposed by @slon21veka and share my summer in my country Venezuela 🇻🇪, as he said in steemit there are international users interesting to meet them

In my country Venezuela there are only two seasons, winter and summer, in vacation time I take advantage of visiting the beaches here we have a great variety and it is my favorite destination since I enjoy the sea, its people, its food and its beauty scenery


After spending a day at the beach, nothing better than arriving at a resting place where a rich pool of warm water awaits you.


and sleep in a cool and comfortable place, so you can enjoy a summer in my country everything is expensive but thanks to Steemit you can indulge


Our country has many places to enjoy the summer, the beach is the best

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Excelentes imágenes Yahnel... Bendiciones para tí.

17.08.2021 22:21

Saludos @alexarelatos gracias son de la bahía de Cata hermoso bendiciones 🙏

17.08.2021 22:49

¡Qué bello es nuestro estado Aragua! :D

17.08.2021 23:20

Я вот о чём подумал, а может как-то попробовать вырваться в ваши края и отдохнуть?
Какое время года лучше для отдыха в ваших краях?

18.08.2021 19:23

hello hello the best time in my country is summer, in winter there are many floods

18.08.2021 21:22