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Good evening to all the whereIN colleagues, today I come to introduce you to a very fun and somewhat simple way of how to identify great painters according to their works. and you will think! how come this guy knows so much about art ??? on
Actually no, I don't know anything about art. hahahaha just seeing their work I realized that the vast majority have their similarities. now they will see it

  • If the landscapes in the painting are similar to those in the Lord of the Rings movie, if there is also a strange fog in them and also a woman with a large aristocratic nose, it is surely by Da Vinci

IMG_20210414_223944.jpg virgin of the spinning wheel
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210414_224414.jpgThe Virgin, the Child Jesus and Saint Anne
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • if several little people appear and at the same time there are many nonsensical things. it is most likely a painting by Bosch

IMG_20210414_230224.jpg story of our history
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210414_231027.jpg final judgment
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • If all the characters are handsome, have a good body, they are naked and stacked on top of each other, it is without a doubt Miguel Angel

IMG_20210414_231721.jpg final judgment
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210414_232130.jpg Tondo Doni / @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • if the characters are short and chubby like us, they are works by Botero

IMG_20210414_232832.jpg archangel
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210414_233126.jpg miss riviera / @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • if the painting looks like you had seen it while you were drugged flying animals floating objects nonsense objects without a doubt it is by Dalí

IMG_20210414_234115.jpg the big masturbator
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210414_234740.jpg The temptation of San Antonio
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • If they all look like vagabonds illuminated by dim light much like the pictures used in the Harry Potter movie then the work is by rembrendt

IMG_20210414_235513.jpg the syndics / @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210415_000156.jpg woman bathing in the river
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

  • if the characters seem to have some malformation in the body next to an abstract design then it is by Picasso

IMG_20210415_000743.jpg the weeping woman / @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

IMG_20210415_001319.jpg the woman in front of the mirror
/ @yahncito / 14.04.21 fuente

This is the end of My post I hope you liked the way I interpret each of the artists,bAs I said before, I am not an art critic and an art student. It is only my way of interpreting. I hope you liked it. And if you have any opinion, leave them in the comments.

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