We Won an $800 Raffle Ticket to The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC)!


*Last night, after saying goodbye to out of town guests, we realized we missed the opening of The North American Bitcoin Conference, held in Miami for the seventh year running.

What made matters worse is that we were strapped for cash & the $800 ticket sounded forbidding. Not to worry, I told my wife — an early crypto-enthusiast, who turned me onto Steem — I’ll apply for a press pass (it’s worked in the past for theatre events).

Ever the optimist, the missus considered to take another route & apply for a Twitter raffle in hopes of winning a free ticket to atten TNABC.

e wennt to bed after 12:00 , when they were meant to announce winners & neither of us had heard back — oh, well.

This morning, still wiping sleep from my eyes, I heard muffled laughter from my wife. Minutes later, she squealed with delight & announced we’d won a raffle ticket! What are the chances?


After we were done hyper-ventilating, we got into a car and head to Miami, pronto, as the conference was starting around 9:30 am. On the road, we could see signs we were getting closer:



The theme of 2020 Conference is: What’s Next for the Blockchain?

Blockchain & crypto topics — also of interest to Steem —- such as application, adoption & regulation are also being explored.

Here’s a peek at today’s Agenda:



As you can imagine, networking is a big part of an event like this, attracting blockchain industry leaders & investors.

Also, because this is crypto, it’s not all about suits, either; you have a lot of colorful birds flocking here to discuss the future of blockchain: independent thinkers, anarchists, visionaries, creatives, etc...


ust had an in-depth conversation with a cryptologist (who is familiar with Steemit!) attending with his business partner.

The cryptologist is more interested in the tech side of things vs investment & has been attending this conference for 7 years (in 2018, he says there was around 5000 folks, in attendance) —- so, he’s familiar with the territory & predicts this will be a good year for crypto!

Will keep you posted of developments (it’s lunch break, now) & continuing to get the word outon Steem
pdate:: In more Steem-related news, during lunch beak I sat across from a fellow who seemed distractingly familiar only to discover at a meetup/after party, that it was none other than our Witness, @Luketokes :)

(Here’s a short video of evening event, featuring a presentation by crypto.com, paella & free-flowing vino)

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