Ode to the Great Outdoors


Battling a nasty flu for the last week, I was going a bit stir-crazy.

Today, is my first day (in seven) to crawl out from underneath the covers and walk outside my apartment!

So,having been cooped up this long, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for animals in cages; especially, our pet peacock & peahens.

They don’t get out much — because they need constant supervision - but one of first things they do after they stretch their wings, is go for the cat food.

Initially, this used to offend Pinnicho our-cat-in-a-dog suit & he’d drive them away or look to me, with disbelief, to do something about it.

But, now, that my feathered friends are bigger than he is & have been around for two years, he’s made peace with their existence & shared tastes.

Especially, if it’s a sunny day :)


I appreciate that I don’t have to play referee, anymore, and that we can all get along, most days.

Now, if only humans might learn this lesson...


Stay healthy & try to get out more often 🙏🏼

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08.02.2020 19:48

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