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Starting my own T-shirt Business (& mugs & tote bags, etc :)


*ow's a poet to make a living? Not by poetry, alone, that's for sure! So, when I found out that there was all kinds of merchandise posted on Amazon (and elsewhere) featuring my words, yet giving me zero credit, I decided it was time to take over my business.

Labai Ink]( is art designed to make you think, for lovers of wit and wisdom. It is the only authorized brand featuring original inspirational quotations from my books of poetry and aphorisms.




Why not take a look around, see if you might find something you like. You can browse through Wall Art, Home Decor, Bed & Bath, Apparel & Bags and much more. If you like what you see, I'd appreciate your sharing this post to help me get the word out. _/|\_



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