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Preparing for Christmas -- Happy December :)


Thanksgiving came late this year (in the USA) and, now that's it's over, my family have already begun preparing for Christmas! Personally, I can't believe that the year and The Decade are almost up-- where, o where, did all the time go?

Anyhow, to get in the spirit of things, my wife and I helped decorate the (real pine) tree, the other day. This entailed ordering in pizza, playing carols, and going through boxes of lights and ornaments. (The child in the picture, above, is not mine; my wife comes from a large family with 16 nieces and nephews; and the chubby cherub is the latest addition :)


I hope your December is off to a good start and if you celebrate this season, that it is a joyous and blessed one for you and your families. _/|\_

Here's another look at our Xmas decorations and some music to get you in the mood:


Happy Holidays around the bend!


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