Poor Palestinians...


The shocking arrogance to propose a “peace plan” without Palestinian feedback — while Netanyahu has just been formally indicted on corruption charges (bribery, fraud & breach of trust) & Trump is in midst of impeachment trial.

Basically, 2 criminals facing being removed from office, making a big show of a sham “Deal of the Century” to distract the public.

eanwhile, this is the “impartial” architect of the so-called Middle East Peace PPlan
, smugly telling a seasoned journalist, Christiane Amannpour:
Palestinians have blown every opportunity, so far ... Try to divorce yourself from all of the history that’s happened over the years.*

I hope is latest insult to public intelligence will be seen for what it is... I mean, other than being Trump’s son-in-law, and his “real-estate” background, what exactly are Kushner’s credentials?

Further, in case people are deceived by the propoganda: Any claim that this plan envisions a Palestinian state is just false. The plan allows Israel to control all security matters inside the Palestinian "state", and thus it's not a state at all.

I might add that this is not an abstract matter for me... My grandmother, a Palestinian, was made to leave her ancestral home — at gunpoint.
American foreign policy affects countless lives & non-deals such as this one, benefiting butchers like Netanyahu, tarnish the US in the eyes of the region and the world.

To add iinsult to injury, the poor Palestians have been sold out by their cyncical & corrupt Arab neighbors, such as: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE & Bahrain.
Heaven help them not to lose Hope...

Allow me to revisit a poem of mine, written after the Gaza attack, in 2014:

Open Letter to Israel
He who fights monsters should see to it that, in the process, he does not become a monster. — Nietzsche

Tell me, what steel entered your heart,
what fear made you rabid,
what hate drove out pity?

How could you forget
that how we fight a battle
determines who we become,
when did you grow reckless
with the state of your soul?

We are responsible for our enemy,
compassion is to consider the role
that we play in their creation.

If you prick us, do we not bleed?
… If you poison us, do we not die?
and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Strange, how one hate enables another;
how they are like unconscious allies,
darkly united in blocking out the Light.

Yes, we can lend ideas our breath, but ideals —
Peace, Justice, Freedom — require our entire lives
and, all who are tormented by such ideals
must learn to make an ally of humility.

Truth, and conscience, can be like large, bothersome flies
— brush them away and they return, buzzing louder
nearly 2,000 dead, in Gaza, 500 children
no, these are unbearable casualties to ignore

To speak nothing of the intangible casualties:
damage done to our collective psyche, trust, and sleep
no more nightmares, please, give us back our dreams
we can still begin, again, and must
wisdom is a return to innocence.

—-Y. Lababidi


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