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Our Courageous Cat 🐈 Enters the Peacock 🦚 Cage (pictures & video)


Pinnicho is a bold and sociable cat —- so much so, that we call him a dog in a cat suit.

He’s semi-wild & showed up at our door one day, politely, and decided to stay.

The young nieces and nephews love him & he’s known our peacock & peahens since they were babies. He was top cat back then but, now, that they’re adults, he can’t push them around, anymore.

In fact, when I let the big birds out, they often head to the garage
Today, he returnedwhere Pinnicho sleeps, and eat his food while he stands by in amazement...
Today, our courageous, curious and friendly cat decided to return the favor & got int to check out their* fooe to try their food and roll around in their hay.

Below, is a short video:

ere somewhat shos were kind of shocked, but didn’t really bother peahen did get too cl peahen got o hissed & left ho hissed, & left the cage, soon after.



Meanwhile, I’d taken our chickens out for a walk and to avoid any confrontations:



When it was time to bring the chickens back in the cage, my adorable 4-year old nephew helped me do the job — by opening his ing his winged]() irds in 👍🏼

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29.11.2019 23:05

oh nice pets you have, peacock,hen and kitty. Those chickens are for consume or just as a pet?

22.02.2020 04:07