Original Poem: The Limits of Love


As I hinted in earlier posts, it’s been a trying past few months, with some tough lessons. I’m still learning boundaries and trying, in this poem, to make light of what is heavy...

The Limits of Love

You’re welcome to a small helping
of care, a portion of our concern
Ache, if you like, but don’t cry
on our shoulder, for overlong

Please, help yourself and move on
or you may find yourself, abruptly
at the outskirts of compassion
by the fence, where barbed wire begins

There is a sign that you can’t miss:
Keep out, it reads, in blood red
“Private territory, trespassers
will be shot with indifference”

©️Yahia Lababidi, author of Signposts to Elsewhere


Images: Unsplash

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