Only in the Age of Covid19 ... I'm Invited to Read at a Poetry Festival, Virtualy



I’m grateful to be invited, just yesterday, to participate in the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival :)

Due to severe restrictions on travel, the festival has chosen to go virtual for 2020 (instead of canceling).

At a time when we are all feeling isolated, the organizers want BIPF to be a chance to come together, online, and celebrate our own diversity and solidarity.

Presentations will be posted online May 20-22, 2020, as part of the festival:

In the absence of a proper book launch, due to Covid19 lockdown, I’m especially pleased to read two short pieces for the festival from my new book:

💫 Revolutions of the Heart ♥️

You can order a paperback copy, or Kindle edition, of my Revolutions, here.

Thanks, for your support ✌🏼

Since the organizer prefers that my video reading is exclusive to the festival, I've included below just the text to a short poem that I will present, in an attempt to spread some hope and light in the time of this global health crisis:

The Light-keepers *
*Hope is a lighthouse
(or, at least, a lamppost)
someone must keep vigil
to illumine this possibility*

*In the dark, a poet will climb
narrow, unsteady stairs
to gaze past crashing waves
and sing us new horizons*

*Others, less far-sighted, might
be deceived by the encroaching night
mistake the black for lasting, but
not those entrusted with trimming wicks*

*Their tasks are more pressing—
winding clockworks, replenishing oil-
there is no time for despair
when tending to the Light.*



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