Night Bird (Original Poem)


Night bird

How night descends, enveloping us in its great sacred wings,
with the promise of a deeper silence than day dared to offer

Now, if only we can endure this tremendous stillness
we might still be restored to ourselves, once again

Tread lightly, cover the smiling mirrors and sullen screens
don't let any spirit escape through the 1,001 trap doors

Listen, those are your own footsteps you hear approaching...

Don't look around, or move much, enemies of the holy hush
crouch nearby, ready to pounce. They want your attention
in pieces, smashed like a porcelain vase. The quiet majesty
of your mounting wholeness disturbs them more than anything else

Try, try with all your might, to make it last the night. As you tremble
and sweat, remember this triumph next time you forsake your oaths.

©Yahia Lababidi


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I am so sorry but for some glitchy insane reason Steem decided I wasn't following you anymore. So I have missed a lot of your work, it seems! Devastated. I was actually thrilled to see a review here and find my way back to your blog... congrats on your new book.

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09.11.2019 19:20

Good to hear from you & glad to have you back :) Thanks, to trusty blockchain, you've not missed anything, really, since it's all there...
Ever grateful for your encouragement and support _/|\_

09.11.2019 21:36

That's true, but the trusty blockchain has me swimming against the tide to keep up with reading the people I admire!

09.11.2019 22:25