My New Book Has Just Arrived in the Mail :)



I’ve been camping by the mailbox, lately, waiting to receive a special package & it’s, finally, heeere...Hot off the press, my 8th book, Revolutions of the Heart ❤️

If you’re looking for reading material during this lockdown, I hope that my ‘Revolutions’ might entertain, soothe and maybe even inspire you:

Lababidi is extremely generous with his attention in this eclectic collection of essays, interviews, poems, and aphorisms, covering everything from Omar Sharif to Sufi mysticism.

In Revolutions, Lababidi converses with readers about that rarest and purest expression of the human spirit: the creative mind at work.
—James Geary, author of Wit’s End

You can read more kind endorsements & order a discounted copy, here:


Cheers, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere :)

Raising a glass 🥃 to your health & hope some of your dreams come true, too, with hard work & good luck!


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Congratulations! Hope it will be a hit!

03.04.2020 20:16

Thank you, for your kind wishes and I'd appreciate if you might share this link with readers who are looking for lockdown literature:

Wishing you good health and inspiration, fellow poet _/|\_


06.04.2020 20:46