My 1st Post on Steempeak -- a peek at a forthcoming book with my poems :)


STEEM is not Steemit has become my new mantra. As part of my protest to boycott Steemit, after the hostile takeover by Dictator Sun (@justinsunsteemit) I'm trying to teach this 'ole dog new tricks by migrating to Steempeak.

For my inaugural post, I'm proud to share poems of mine appearing in an anthology to be published, soon.

*To kiss a mystery,
a miracle to hoard*

*Naturally, is well beyond
what we ever dreamed
we could afford*

*We give our lives for such
shuddering intimacies*

*And hope and pray
our lives will be enough,
the balance cancelled*

*The guardian of the riddle
must only speak in riddles.*

from "Bargaining with Whom?"
-by Yahia Lababidi

in A KALEIDOSCOPE OF STORIES Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry

Coming soon from Lote Tree Press
* I Ran**

*I ran hard and far
to outdistance my pain
But, when I got lost
my pain found me -
caressed me, wordlessly
and carried me Home.*

* Desert Revisited**

*under a whirling skirt of sky
streaming light and stars
groping for that tremendous hem
gingerly over quicksand*

*as though steadied
beneath some tongue and dissolving
not the absence of sound
but the presence of silence*

*or, as if transfixed
by a gaze, stern-serene
surveying a dream

*incorruptible starting point
inviolable horizon
where eye and mind are free
to meditate perfection*

*there, begin to uncover
buried in dust and disinterest
the immutable letter
(first of the Arabic alphabet)* Alif

The upcoming anthology, A KALEIDOSCOPE OF STORIES, brings together the voices of over fifty Muslim poets from diverse backgrounds to powerfully articulate what it means to be Muslim in the modern world.

It provides a platform for marginalized voices to be heard, speaking about their experiences in their own words, and offers an antidote to the stereotyped, one-dimensional portrayal of Muslims we see so often in the media.

The anthology gives the reader a glimpse of the thoughts, hopes and challenges of those who see the world through two or more cultural lenses, and provides a needed space for the expression of spiritual, social and personal lives.

Bringing together the verses of multi-generational voices, it explores themes including love and loss, identity and belonging, as well as Islamic spirituality.

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Shared on Twitter #posh

06.03.2020 17:24

what a great line, or concept: My pain followed me and carried me home.
You can run but you can't hide, eh?
I'm also switching to Steempeak. Soon. Really soon.
(Speak of old dogs and new tricks!)
thanks for this, and for the poems - glorious as always!

15.03.2020 20:19

If we don't struggle, our pain is a gentle(r) teacher... Thank you, friend, for your attention and encouragement, as always, and hope this finds you/loved ones out of harm's way.

Best of luck, @carolkean, with Steempeak, it's far easier than this technophobe feared :)

16.03.2020 16:27

I'm sure Steempeak is wonderful - if I ever get beyond the password letting me in!
Thanks for the kind wishes and may you and yours also be well. :)

16.03.2020 16:52