Morality & Mortality — Original Poem


Lying in bed the other night, thinking of morality and mortality, this short poem occurred to me... on how we are, always, being tested.


From time to time
a lick of flame
tasted him

testing to see
if he might be
salty and sweet

for all Eternity...
or if he was ready
to exit the pit.

—-Yahia Lababidi


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21.02.2020 14:44

That is very beautiful, a metaphor (for me at least) about a great many choices I could be making on this earth that I lay awake at night pondering.

Then there is the big choice, whether or not to delve into the mysteries of the divine. This is a choice I keep writing about, but haven't yet made the leap of faith, or any attempts to exit the pit.

I am especially struck by the fire's being the tempted one, that the fire licks the human (assuming he is a human), a loving act. The fire's desire keeps the human in the pit.

Thank you.

I hope you will go read this story that I published yesterday - I was thinking of you as i wrote it

22.02.2020 17:52

Thank you, for your thoughtful response.

As Rumi says:

The fruit of my life is no more than three words—
I was raw, I was cooked, I was burned.

May you take the leap when the time is right & I’m intrigued by your story, which I hope to find time for, soon 🙏🏼

23.02.2020 04:41