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Latin Dance Lesson (videos & pictures)


My wife and I both love to dance. But, she’s better at it than I am—-more versatile and committed.

Before I met her, I thought I was pretty good & we both still will spontaneously combust in dance, at a party or at home, before dinner.


But, before I entered the picture, she was honing her craft and dancing for hours at a time, daily, in front of a mirror, to just about every genre of music — even bellydancing!

With a dad from Colombia, she’s quite an accomplished Latin dancer & has taught me how to Meringue, competently, as well as getting me to develop a fondness for tragic-romantic music (from her father’s generation).

What still eludes me, however, is Salsa, with its relentlessly busy feet. So, the missus was super excited when a Latin dance studio opened across the street from our home & I tagged along (as videographer) for her first class 💃

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