If Men Posed How Women Pose


Okay, so I’m not sure how brave this is, @whatsup & @juliakponsford, but I still wanted to join in the silly fun!

Before I change my mind, below is my creative version of the sultry picture you posted of a female model (Scarlett Johansson?) with her clothes simply sliding off.

My faintly outrageous photoshoot was takeen at a private beach inEgypt, and my photographeer is a good friend (and accomplished filmaker!), Mona Eldaief.

Needless to s, these mildly racy pics are exexclusive to Steemit and haveever-before-been-publblished (nor will they be, er again)!
ope pe Ive kept it classy(ish) and these poses tickle ya. Hope, too, that I don’t live to regret this licensed blackmail material and assisted scandal. 😜



And, after staring at myself in a dress for a few days, I decided to throw in something more ‘manly.’ As you will see, below, I’m also in an open bathrobe —-a la saucy Scarlett Johansson pic— but this time round, for contrast, I’m striking a hyper-masculine (and equally absurd) pose.
Why,y, you might wonder? Because, in the end, it’s all ro-playing!


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Hahah these are BRILLIANT. I love the dress! You must have had a right laugh doing these!

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15.11.2019 20:29

Hah, glad you enjoyed it! The sundress belonged to a friend (obviously) and seemed harmless enough for me put it in this absurd context 🤣

Scarf & sunglasses helped keep things on the ‘tasteful’ side...

15.11.2019 20:33

Haha ... does Vogue know about you. You pulled it off ... totally:):):)

15.11.2019 20:39

Wait a minute ... I did not pull it off, totally—-that would be obscene!

Pleased you approve of my modesty and restraint 🤣

Perhaps, Vanity Fair might take notice?

15.11.2019 20:44


15.11.2019 21:59

Haha! Awesome! Thank you for participating

15.11.2019 21:36

Happy to amuse ya :D Funny thing just happened... Moments ago, I read a headline by Scarlett Johansson saying how difficult it was for her to be 'hyper-sexualized'. So, it's not easy for the women, either!

Fantasies within fantasies...

15.11.2019 22:06

What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain 🙈😂

15.11.2019 21:42

Haha! Famous last words... :P

15.11.2019 22:01

What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain my SD card.



15.11.2019 22:05

Funny, meta, and scary, at once... like virtual life!

Have a restorative weekend, @anthonyadavisii.

15.11.2019 22:59

It really be like that sometimes.

Yes, restoration would be great right about now. The week ran me ragged.

Appreciate your vibes. Followed.

15.11.2019 23:55

Thanks, for the support, new friend. And, may you practice the fine art of doing nothing this fine Saturday and Sunday. Peace _/|\_

16.11.2019 16:21

Lol hahaha good stuff!

15.11.2019 21:43

Glad you enjoyed it! We aim to tease :p

15.11.2019 22:07


15.11.2019 21:53

Doin a l'il dance for you :P

15.11.2019 22:08

Omg!! Lol. Nice

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15.11.2019 22:05

Covering up Okay, that's a wrap! Back in t=shirt and shorts...

15.11.2019 22:10

Lol. I like your post. Changed my mind.... Tipping you to win this contest 💪

15.11.2019 22:36

Hey, thanks, for the vote of confidence and the resteem!

15.11.2019 22:50

Hold still! 📷 I'm taking a screenshot.📸

15.11.2019 22:07

Now, now... You know you're supposed to leave your camera at the door.

15.11.2019 22:09

Somewhat disturbing but 100% GOLD! ✅🤣

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15.11.2019 22:39

Hey, if it's not 'somewhat disturbing' that would be very disturbing!

Doing a little curtsy for you :P

15.11.2019 22:53

OMG YOU ROCK! I didn't think anyone would join the contest, but you did, and these poses and the fun execution are perfect. Compliments to your photographer friend as well <3 This just made my day :D Thank you!

15.11.2019 22:55

Grinning from ear to ear Y'know, I didn't think I'd join the contest, either, but now that I'm seeing how it's given joy to so many, it's well worth it! Thank you, @soyrosa, for your palpable enthusiasm (I feel it radiate through computer screen) & send much good cheer your way <3Buds.jpg

15.11.2019 23:09

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15.11.2019 23:01

Wow wow, good vibes... Jajaja

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15.11.2019 23:17

hahaha I want to join this kind of fun but no photographer. This will make the steem community burst with laughter. Nice one, hahaha sorry but can't stop laughing

16.11.2019 03:14

These are great!

And, even better, you clearly had fun doing them. They wouldn't have been nearly as much fun had they felt forced, but you were so clearly having a blast and that comes through in the photos.

Kudos to you and your photographer/filmmaker friend.

The only thing better, in my experience, was when we celebrated my birthday on Halloween night, shortly before leaving Florida, and for my birthday party, Marek allowed his daughter to do him up in full Eddie Izzard makeup.

Those are some awesome photos as well, but I might or might not ever get permission to post them.

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16.11.2019 07:18

Haha, thanks, for sharing Halloween experience (it's always fun to dress up) and let me know if you ever post them!

Glad you enjoyed my goofy pics :P

16.11.2019 16:15

it looks like you so enjoyed that......total high five to ya

16.11.2019 11:37

High five back :) It's all dress-up and role-playing, if you think about it...

16.11.2019 15:54

Very classy take, bravo! claps!

17.11.2019 00:48

I tried, hard, @juliakponsford to keep old Hollywood glamour in mind, but that darned dress strap kept slipping off... 🤣

17.11.2019 11:04

Good stuff! Glad to be a fellow contestant!

19.11.2019 02:35

Thanks & I just saw your entry —- it will be difficult to unsee 😜

Best o luck!

19.11.2019 03:27


19.11.2019 02:43

DERANGED is not responding. So, I am sending you !SHADE 5 for participating in the contest.

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19.11.2019 09:04

Yes! Love it brother. My only constructive criticism is you were just having too damn much fun and grinning the whole time - you gotta work on your sultry pouty lip duck face :) But all in all, this is a great entry :)

20.11.2019 02:44

Carl, you noticed! Yes, I couldn’t take help myself & take it seriously 🤪 Aside from that, glad you approve —- blowing kisses as I practice my duck lips 🦆 💋

20.11.2019 03:27