How to Make a Homemade Calzone (in half an hour)


My wife is a pizza fiend. She can have it any day of the week & is aware of most of the pizza places in our area.
So, it was no surprise that she, eventually, learned how to make it...

Typically, I act as her Sous-Chef, prepping & monitoring the oven. So, last night when we discovered we were low on cheese, I proposed a calzone (basically, a folded-over pizza, or glorified sandwich).


When she was done kneading the dough and spreading tomato paste, I added garlic, sliced turkey, chopped broccoli, cauliflower & onion, which I’d seasoned (salt, pepper, Italian spices).

Then, she folded the beast over, sealed it, making a few breathing holes and it was my turn to brush the calzone top with egg white for color and that yummy baked goods taste :)


This is what it looked like when it emerged from the oven, just 20 minutes later, after being heated at 410 degrees.

I gave us both a giant wedge — basically, a third each - keeping the last third for the following day & we enjoyed it with a movie, Saving Mr Banks 🎥


I suggest you try it at home! Bon Appetit ‍

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