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Finding my Poetry on Streetcorners in NYC & Sending it to Classrooms in the UK

Recenntly, I was delighted  to stumble across, on Instagram, a street artist & lover of  quotations, who creates thought-provoking posters and posts them  around the streets of New York. Here are words from my book,  Signposts to Elsewhere, in witty/wiscompany:

>I would have been  thrilled to spot this, while walking around NYC, this summer!

Meantime, a school teacher (and writer/editor) in the UK invited me to submit  hand-written aphorisms, with little doodles, to inspire young people as  part of a 'Poetry Lab' that they're creating.

They're also showing my new book video trailer, below, to stimulate writing:

Hope this finds you well, refreshed by the summer, and peacefully enjoying autumn.

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