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#Derangedsnowman Contest


The Deranged Snowman

Marooned on foreign land, his heart had turned to ice
and the snowed upon man could only blame the weather

Immigrant, militant, belligerent they cried
when he tried to blend in with other snowmen

The children pelted him with snowballs, hard as hate
while their shameless pets treated him like a frozen fire hydrant

Worst of all, were the month-long Christmas carols —-
an incessant din that kept him from sinking into thinking

He felt like a preposterous imposter
feigning passions that were not his own

Instead of the forced hilarity and dreaded sentimentality of this holiday season
the estranged iceman pined for the solitary melancholy of his desert home

Rather than further endure his lamentable predicament:
insufferable scarf, clownish carrot nose and unseeing button eyes

He longed to feel burning sand beneath his naked feet
and lusted after the sun’s hot kiss on his bare face

Deeper still, he was haunted by hermit dreams,
with the mystical words of Rumi echoing in his ears:

Be melting snow
Wash yourself of yourself.

©Yahia Lababidi

<br>©Yahia Lababidi<br><em>*</em>

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