Collage Contest 3: Art Therapy


On Ash Wednesday, first day of Lent, I sat down to create this collage as a form of meditation.

With a head full of quandaries —especially, morality and mortality on my mind, experiencing a family crisis—-I took out a stack of magazines (National Geographic, Smithsonian) and began snipping away.


But, first, I assembled some images (above) that I thought striking & arresting text to accompany it.

Next, I proceeded to, mindlessly, assemble the pieces of this art puzzle.

This is the relief and joy of images for me, the non-thinking aspect of it...


At some point, I realized that (subconsciously) I was creating a kind of Heaven & Hell portrait and the expressive Peruvian mummies fit right into my inferno.


And, there you have it: a collage that offered me an hour or so of relaxation and contemplation :)

I hope you enjoy it, too, and might consider entering @Georgeboya’s contest, here.

Art on!


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26.02.2020 19:02

looks really amazing, NG magazines are a great source for material and inspiration:) Thank you so much for your entry:)


27.02.2020 18:41

Hey, I’m glad you liked it—- I really enjoyed making it; it’s been ages since I’ve collaged!

28.02.2020 12:33


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27.02.2020 18:42

Thank you, for your support 🙏🏼

28.02.2020 12:34

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28.02.2020 10:01

Glad you found this & grateful to you for sharing :)

28.02.2020 12:35

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28.02.2020 10:04

Thanks, as always, for your encouragement 👍🏼

28.02.2020 12:35