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Celebrating Nietzsche’s Birthday —- with writing inspired by him ✍️


As an angsty teenager, I was besotted by the wit and wisdom of German philosopher, Nietzsche and and this major intellectual crush lasted for a good decade or so.

In a sense, he was closer to me than (m)any living souls, at times, even my own skin!

Naturally, he influenced the writer I was to become. And, in my late teens I began to try my hand at what was then an anachronistic form, aphorisms —- much more popular, now, thanks to Twitter.

So, it seems fitting that on his birthday, today, I receive an invitation from a dream University asking my to come and give a talk about my aphorisms🤩


And, as if that was not enough of a Happy Coincidence, just hours ago I received a kind note from a perfect stranger, re: this Nietzsche essay below that I published 6 years ago:


Wonderful to receive this warm letter of confirmation,especially, today. This, I believe, is the consolation of literature: that we are not alone, as readers or huumans.

But, I also think te complicatted’ ole philsopher is reaching out!

Happy birthday, dear thinker, poet, jester, troublled guide of my troubled youth, sclptor of the self, moralist, musician & yes, also mysttic. 🎭
If, for some reason, you are unable to access my Nietzsche essay in Philosophy Now here is a peek:0bqi6qppxh.jpg
(Pahatever reason, you are unable to access my Nietzsche essay d Munch).lisophy Now here’s a peek:
ing of Nietzsche by Norwegian Expressionist artist, Edvard Munch).

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