Birdwatching at the Beach in Florida (pictures and videos)


My wife and I were both battling headcolds, and were suffering from a mild dose of cabin fever (at least, I was). So, I suggested that we head out to the beach for some fresh air -- sunlight is the best disinfectant, right?

Our car was malfunctioning and the trolley was running late, but we decided it was worth the 45 minute walk to the ocean. Normally, this would be brutal in South Florida but, now, that the summer had loosened its grip, it turned out to be an ideal day for walking-- low to no humidity, pleasant breeze, and just enough sun to warm our bones as we strolled over there.


At the beach, the red and purple flags were up by the lifeguard booth-- which translated to: dangerous marine life and enter the water at your own risk. I did; submerging myself for a few precious moments and floating by the shore. Meanwhile, my wife sat in her folding chair, in and out of sleep...

Turns out high, choppy waves make for good fishing, since one seagull after another landed nearby enjoying a bite. Here's video of one that I captured:

I decided to take a little bird-watching walk and was happy to stumble upon a group of funny looking seagulls, all lined up in formation facing the shore:


But, I felt that the pictures did not fully do them justice, since you had to hear the chirping sound they were making and, better yet, watch them take to the sky and rearrange their formation:

As I was heading back to my place, I decided to turn around and try to get one more video, this time without disturbing their peace, to show how neatly lined up they were:

I hope you enjoyed this beach visit and bird watching session :)

Happy Sunday _/|\_

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I've always loved birdwatching at the beach, and some of them are such characters, they're hilarious!

I do hope you and your wife are feeling better quickly.

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11.11.2019 10:30

Thank you, for your kindness -- yes, I think we're both slightly better, today. _/|\_

And, I know what you mean about birds being amusing. It's a little like watching kids who, despite their small size, can be quite big on personality :)

11.11.2019 16:46

Indeed they can!

11.11.2019 17:07