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Advice for New Steemians: 15 Tips

. You’ve just landed on a new planet—-explore it and meet the inhaabitants*.

2. Post abot what you love; what springs from the heart reaches thhe heart.

3. Seek outlike-minded people who share your innterests.

4. Seek outthose who challenge you and can teach you neww things.

5. Use tags wisely, so your posts are easy to find aand read.

6. Study poular posts (and tags) and try to understand their success.

7. Enter copetitions, because prompts stir creativity and even if you don’t win, they’re community-bbuilding.

8. Help othrs, if you can; better yet, collaborate on a project.

9. Always aswer your comments, kindly and thougghtfully.mage.png

10. Keep yousts varied, in subject and tone, to attract and hold attentttention.

11. Never untimate the power of good images (and include their sourcsources).

12. Write wed proofread for spelling mistakes as well as gram grammar.

13. Find outthe key players are on the platform and welcome newbies, as w as well.

14. Have funtry to keep a good attitude (at least, most of the tihe time).

15. Try, als share beautiful, hopeful messages (life is hard and we all need uplift and inspiration in our live lives).

[Images by my friend, nature photographer, Kent Burgess]

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