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2 Poems on Refugees & Immigration (original content)



Imagine, if we stopped migrating
birds at the border . . .

Said, “No, this stretch of sky,
sea, and land are out of order

Can you perch someplace else,
Perhaps, in your native trees?”


Migrant Caravan

These are the wandering years . . .
homeless, at last
tormenting idea
become beckoning reality

Lovers of longings’ song
and whispered promises
all the colors once fixed
now, profusely bleed

Just as constellations disperse
the pattern no longer discernible
here, within reach, the future looms
high as imagination, deep as fear.

©Yahia Lababidi
*These poems will appear in a forthcoming anthology to be published by Better Than Starbucks.
You can read the announcement, here

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