12 Pieces of Original Art-- welcome to my virtual gallery

As a writer, it's somewhat difficult for me to admit that a picture is worth a thousand words. I seek to paint with words, even create new worlds with words. Yet, at times, even I cannot deny the simple supremacy of images: for how suggestive or evocative they can be.

Rummaging through my computer, I came across these digital doodles of mine, some of which are a mystery even to me. I was younger when I composed them, so they are stormier, wilder, darker than I am, today (having mellowed, somewhat over the years).

Love, lust, bliss, guilt, enslavement, detachment and the search for freedom seem to have been some of my preoccupations during this tumultuous period. But, of course, these are just mere words... I hope my multimedia art, below, will resonate with you, wordlessly:

hand painted dream photographs 006.jpg


hand painted dream photographs 001.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 002.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 007.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 016.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 020.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 012.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 013.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 036.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 037.jpg

hand painted dream photographs 039.jpg

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I was just talking about the seven deadly sins with another steemian.
Seems to me you made these at your most turbulent.
I hear them.

21.10.2019 20:40

yup, it seems all 7 are represented... Ah, youth!

middle age: when our card for unconscious living is revoked.

21.10.2019 21:33

hahahaha. I like to think of it as our eyes are just starting to be able to see. Then there comes old age, when the body gives out and you have no choice but to do a lot of thinking.

21.10.2019 21:38

That's it, our priorities do shift once we must relinquish the often distracting/destructive gifts of youth...

21.10.2019 22:38

And once again, the COMMENTS are as insightful and rich as the original post!
Love your artwork - and Owasco's "turbulent" and Carl's "wilder darker stormier" adjectives. Powerful, passionate, high-impact, I was thinking.

Isn't the comment section fun?

26.10.2019 15:12

I agree, dear Carol — there’s nothing like conversation; it is an art.

Wish me luck on this upcoming one:


Much love,

27.10.2019 11:15

I'll promote it every way I can!
And I never meant to suggest that comments are equal to your poem are artwork.
Just, they do have value!

27.10.2019 13:51

Hey there is something here I think, wilder darker stormier you was on to something :) I like the bold colors, strong simple shapes and evocative imagery here. The five multi-colored faces is probably my favorite. @tipu curate

21.10.2019 22:16

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20)

21.10.2019 22:16

Thank you, Carl, it's good to be back and sharing :) I wonder what I meant by those alien figures you like, but it doesn't really matter; I'm glad you appreciate colors and shapes. Thanks for the encouragement; it's good to hear from you.

21.10.2019 22:44

"The five multi-colored faces is probably my favorite."
Mine too! I'm reminded of llamas. It's epic!

26.10.2019 15:14

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21.10.2019 22:31