My son is dead, but my dream is still alive.

On the morning of October 13, 2019, at 11:00, I was standing in front of my son Moussab and seeing how he fights against death himself.
I couldn't do anything for him...
I was holding his little, cold hand and trying to get him to know that his poor father was still here with you but he can't do anything for you.

I saw in his beautiful eyes how to say goodbye to life.
I felt him saying, "Dad, don't cry."
Then he left this painful life. left this hard world without return.
He left this world that made everything and made with everything a deadly poison that we give to our children to protect them from diseases. ...

Moussab died because his father allowed them to vaccine him.
Moussab died because his father is a poor man...
Moussab died because he lives in an African country where there is no medicin

Mousussab was needed a little money to travel and treat abroad... But his poor father was unable to do that and the world refused to help him even though I tried in all the fundraising sites...

I found people donating millions of dollars to animals. But no one cares about my son...
I think because I'm African. My son doesn't deserve a life.

I said it a year ago: Thank you, Bill Gates, for killing my son by your vaccination

Moussab died and their thousands of children in the hospital were still suffering from vaccination poison...
Please don't kill your children.
I don't want any family to live the same life I've lived.
Your sons are the most precious thing to you.
Don't be stupid like me...
Please Don't Kill Your Son

My son is dead, but my dream is still alive.


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This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry @yagoub
This should not have happened to your precious son.

19.01.2020 04:02

Hi there @canadian-coconut, it's farm-mom. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support .
Looks like you are doing some great work yourself, good for you.
Blessings for a wonderful day.

03.02.2020 16:33

This is not the kind of message that anyone likes to read. We hope to find many many who report on their own experiences, no matter whether they suffer like this or find a way to avoid such suffering. Anyhow, your message needs to be told and spread. Wish you well from now on!

19.01.2020 04:30

A big thanks to @vaccinedata for spreading this pressures kind of story. I am with you here @yagoub. That's a huge price you paid. If you ask me, vaccinators are religious. It's hard to convince them of what they are doing. Yet what else can we do?! @tipu curate !invest_vote !BEER !DRAMATOKEN

19.01.2020 23:07
19.01.2020 23:07

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26.01.2020 23:22

I am so sorry to hear this, my dear friend.
This is heart breaking. My heart is broken for you. This shouldn't have happened. Please don't blame yourself. Nothing is your fault. You have always tried your very best to protect your son, and he knows it.

21.04.2020 04:05