The little cabana on the mountain (Storie)


One of the best sensations of life, is to wake up with the smell of wood and when opening my eyes to look at a thick forest through the window, they were honestly the most relaxing days they had in my life, because cold and coffee is A pleasure of life.

One afternoon I remember that I went for a walk through the trees, I walked away a little from the cabin but I was happy and relaxed taking photos, then began to thunder the sky, and with it came a few drops of ice water, I said that there that to return then I made my way to the cabin when the rain began to go harder and more, I really put my camera in my jacket and I was running through the trees, when I finally arrived from the cabin, I quite the jacket and I started doing A coffee, when suddenly I heard small knocks on the roof of the cabin, I looked out the window and it was ice! I know that for some it is normal that it rains ice, but in the city where I live, it is hot, so with my coffee freshly made and warm, I lit the fireplace and began to listen to the rain ...


Francisco Garcia

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