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The Green Bug (Storie)

El bicho verde.JPG

It was a very sunny day, I was walking through the high and cold mountains of Durango, the sun's rays crossed the icy leaves of the tall trees that moved from one side to the other because of the cold wind, with me I brought my small but reliable camera, when in a landscape with a closed forest I looked at a small body that moved on a rock full of old dry leaves, its movement was slow but steady, I dared to approach to see that it was that strange body that crawled on that old rock .

When at last I could distinguish what it was, I didn't think about anything else, I watched the movement of this little bug and how he struggled to move, I thought about his destiny, I thought that if this little bug had something important to do, I thought If I brought food to your family, I don't know many things that crossed my mind when I looked at that slow and steady movement.

At that moment I understood that every day you fight to survive, no matter what your conditions or problems were because nothing is easy in life.

Francisco Garcia

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