Tacos Al Pastor (Little History)


Tacos Al Pastor

Well friends today I bring a little story of the tacos to the pastor, these tacos are very typical of Mexico, and I would say, they are the most loved tacos by Mexicans.

It is said that its preparation is typically Mexican, because when grinding certain types of peppers, you get a sauce that is used to spread the pork, this is another important fact and that the meat to the shepherd is pork, not Since it is harder and you would not achieve the same result, it should be noted that there are different types of recipes in Mexico, some are more dyed red and others more white and have even seen black shepherd tacos.

The average Mexican eats 5 to 6 tacos, since his size is mostly small, and two bites are over.

It is said that the roast form is brought from Turkey, because a machine is used very similar to those used in Mexico but this does not affect anything, because the tacos al pastor are delicious, more with coriander, onion and a delicious sauce Picosa, those who are not from Mexico invite you with pleasure to taste the gastronomic delights of my beautiful country.

Francisco Garcia


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11.08.2019 10:52

From what I heard it were immigrants from Lebanon (like the family of Carlos Slim) who brought the 'al pastor' recipe to Mexico, where it became a typical dish, mostly in the region around the CDMX.

11.08.2019 20:49