BBQ Wings Recipe

Hello, today I come to explain how to make some delicious bbq wings.
Well this recipe will be for 4 people.
1- 1.5kg or 3.3lb of chicken wings.
2- 100g or 220lb of flour.
3- 1lt of corn oil
4- 1lt of prepared bbq sauce
5- salt and pepper to taste

1- We cut the wings into 3 parts, the tip of the wing does not work so it can be discarded.
2- Since we have the wings cut and washed, we proceed to put salt and pepper to taste.
3 - Put the corn oil or your preference in a pan, (try to make this pan high to cover the wings with the oil), over high heat.
4- While the oil is heating, we proceed to sprinkle the wings with wheat flour.
5- When the oil is bubbling, we put the wings to fry. 8-12min.
6- we take out the fried wings and proceed to bathe them with the bbq sauce and ready, some delicious wings, to eat as a family.

I hope they cook them quickly and easily.

Francisco Garcia

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