Same run within 3 days and with very different result

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So I made a 10 km run today that shed light on reality of (my current) life. That same run 2 days ago was more uplifted. Let me post the details of both runs so you can understand.

First run on Sunday

  1. July 2019 – My running today Running distance: 10.00 km Running time: 1:06:25 h/m/s Avr pace: 6:38 min/km

01: 6:58
02: 6:45
03: 6:36
04: 6:46
05: 6:32
06: 6:32
07: 6:38
08: 6:31
09: 6:34
10: 6:30

NOTE: Felt good throughout the run, pace was pretty stable all along the 10 km, reached home relaxed, don’t feel tired.

And here the second run today:

  1. July 2019 – My running today Running distance: 10.00 km Running time: 1:08:32 h/m/s Avr pace: 6:52 min/km

01: 7:05
02: 6:43
03: 6:47
04: 6:50
05: 6:32
06: 6:49
07: 6:54
08: 7:00
09: 6:55
10: 6:57

NOTE: More tired then Sunday specially towards the end, pace fluctuations too high, tensions of left left much higher then Sunday.

On Sunday the run was smooth and consistent with plenty of negative splits. It showed a time balance that is the aim of many runners – e.g. end is faster than the start, gradual pace improvement, feeling good at the end.

The run today was marred of up and downs at every kilometer. I had difficulties in maintaining my focus and the energy played yoyo. I could now bring in a well working excuse that the day before (on Monday) I worked out with my Strength Coach for 1.5 hrs. We worked specifically on hip, leg and ankles. Of course it has an effect but that should not be the main cause.

You can see a lot of differences and you probably can assume that my mind had as much fluctuations on the time splits from today. Actually it’s nothing unusual to encounter fluctuations on two different runs of the same distances. For me this is unusual especially on such a short distance. So let me try to explain this.

If you read my bio you see the problems I’m facing. After the deliberate and purposeful orchestrated heavy chemical attack that nearly left me paralyzed, I am after 17 months full body pain and loss of 50% to 90% of muscle strength (depending the body part), I now have to rebuild was was lost. Remember that I had to stop running in August 2018 and could only restart in April 2019 with very moderate slow and short runs. After those runs – strangely I feel much more comfortable when I run then when I have to walk – I face many issues that range from inability of smooth walking to a weak left body side, to nerve issues, strains and tensions. Also there was an effect on short term memory. I believe that, especially on my left leg the current remaining issues are not muscle related but damaged nerve. If the chemical had a neurological effect only #PetHus (the perpetrator) can tell this.

From that perspective you will now better understand why this difference of the two runs bothers me. For those not knowing me, here a short look back at how my running was before the chemical attacks started. I ran for over 30 years on a regular basis. I love especially long distance runs. You can imagine that for me running 80 – 140 km per weeks was not unusual.
When now I consider it to be “good” to run 10 km in 6:38 pace, it’s only temporary until I can go faster and longer again. Only the future will tell the truth.

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